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About Michelle Fey

People who know me from my ‘old life’ as a police forensic photographer are often left open-mouthed when they discover I am now a specialist newborn photographer. It’s safe to say you can’t get two further extremes than a crime scene and a perfect new baby.

But after 17 years in the police, I felt it was time to explore my softer side, and the creativity that is such a big part of that.

I absolutely love what I do now because it combines my long career in photography, with the ability to share in the joy of new life with parents, and create something for them that they will always treasure.   It’s far from being a ‘job’, it’s a privilege.  And now that privilege is continuing into toddlers, children, teenagers and of course families.

I’ve also been raising my own Reuben(16) and Garrett (18) remind me every day how lucky I am to be a parent. This photo is obviously taken when they were younger and it is now super special to me.  I was always taking photos of them and their Dad, so there are only a few of us.  They have changed so so much.  Contact me and we will capture your babies before they are ready to leave the nest and start their own journey!

Since I left the Police, I have been photographed weddings, newborns, toddlers, families, branding, events, commercial.  Flick me an email if you want to work together.